Hayward City Council implements water use restrictions as drought deepens

July 26, 2022

In response to the Governor’s call for a state-wide reduction in water use and reduced available water from our wholesale supplier, the Hayward City Council implemented Level 2 Water Shortage measures on June 28.

After one of the driest winters on record, California is now in a severe and deepening drought, and it is more critical than ever that we do our part to conserve our precious water supplies--especially as we move into the dry and increasingly hot summer months.

With a focus on limiting outdoor water use, the new requirements include:

  • Limiting landscape irrigation to three days per week, between the hours of 9 p.m. and 6 a.m.
  • Prohibiting use of non-essential water for commercial and industrial use
  • Fixing irrigation leaks and faulty sprinklers
  • Using covers on pools and spas

For more information about the drought, new and existing conservation measures, and tools that can help you reduce water use, click here.

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