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2017 Environmental Awards

May 30, 2017

Fairview Elementary School students and staff with Mayor Halliday

The City of Hayward is pleased to announce the recipients of the City of Hayward’s 2017 Annual Environmental Awards.  Each of the awardees was recognized at a special City Council presentation held on May 16, 2017 at City Hall.  The awards honored residents and multi-family property managers for excellent environmental practices, such as participation in the City-sponsored recycling program and the Bay Area Multi-Family Building Enhancement program.  Schools and businesses were also honored for their implementation of energy efficiency and water conservation measures, waste reduction, reuse, and recycling programs, as well as environmental education activities.

Schools that were recognized for their environmental stewardship efforts at the ceremony included Fairview Elementary School, All Saints Catholic School, and Anthony W. Ochoa Middle School.

The awards to businesses were co-sponsored by the Hayward Chamber of Commerce. The Downtown Streets Team received an honorable mention for their sustainability efforts.  The organizations that received the award for outstanding environmental leadership in the Hayward community were Microvi Biotechnologies, Pucci Foods, the Hayward Shoreline Interpretive Center, and California State University East Bay.

Property managers recognized for their participation in the Bay Area Multi-Family Building Enhancements program were Sally Mao, manager of the apartments at 1251 C St, and Philip Wang, who manages the apartments at 22555 Linden St.

Residents who were recognized for exceptional recycling practices during the ceremony include: Maricar and Patrick Arriola, Jim O’Hare, Robert Young, Weiming Yang, Samson Furaggarun, Namiko Nagayama, Ron Evelyn Little, Peggy Riblet, Joseph August Jr., and Mariela Chacon.  Also recognized for outstanding recycling practices was the multi-family property manager Patricia Gonzalez of Austin Commons Apartments.

The City of Hayward wants to thank all those who participated in the award process, and hopes that residents, schools, and businesses continue to do their part to create a healthy and sustainable community!

Pucci Foods CEO & President Chris Lam and Marketing Director Corey Stulce with Mayor Halliday

The City of Hayward was one of the first cities in the Bay Area to adopt a Climate Action Plan.  One of the primary goals of the Climate Action Plan is to enhance the health and sustainability of all who live and work in Hayward.  The Plan identifies actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions including, for example, increasing participation by residents and businesses in the City’s recycling and organics services, encouraging waste reduction, and banning certain materials from the landfill. Information about recycling and organics services available to residents and businesses is on the City’s website.  Staff from the City’s Utilities and Environmental Services Department is available for assistance at (510) 583-4700.