Hayward storm drains equipped to prevent litter from flowing to Bay

November 22, 2022

Last month, Hayward completed the installation of a new “trash capture device” in the Cotter Way storm drain. The new addition will join the City’s network of approximately 630 devices already installed throughout the stormwater system in an effort to keep litter from flowing into the San Francisco Bay.

The Hayward stormwater system consists of approximately 3,000 storm drain inlets and hundreds of miles of pipes, culverts, and creeks that all lead to the Bay. The system prevents flooding during the rainy season but can also play a key role in preventing hazardous materials from washing into open waters through the installation of trash capture devices, which filter out debris as small as cigarette butts and treat the water to remove chemicals.

Thanks to these units, Hayward has reduced the amount of litter that flows into the Bay by approximately 85 percent and aims to achieve 100 percent reduction by 2025.

Technologies like trash capture devices help protect local environments from litter and other hazardous materials, but community members are the first line of defense. Properly disposing of waste and reducing reliance on single use plastics are two of the most significant ways you can help prevent trash from entering the Bay and harming wildlife.

For more information about how you can prevent litter and protect the Bay, visit the Alameda Countywide Clean Water Program website.