Prepare for the Holidays with the Hayward Water Customer Portal

November 28, 2023

Leaving home for the holidays? Hosting guests? Read on to see how the Hayward water customer portal can help you track water use at home over the holidays.

In 2022, the City of Hayward launched WaterSmart, a new online customer portal, to provide a one-stop shop for accessing online bill payment, monitoring hourly water use, and automatic leak detection. The water portal is powered by smart meter technology, which is now being implemented throughout the City. With real-time smart meter data, customers can now visit their personal online portal at any time to view their hourly water use patterns.

More than half of all Hayward Water Customers have registered and are taking action to use water wisely and reduce water waste. With smart meter technology, more than 12,500 real-time leak notifications have been sent to Hayward water users. To date, these actions have resulted in almost 175 million gallons of estimated water savings City-wide! Fun fact: Toilets are the most common source of leaks in Hayward households.

In addition to receiving leak notifications and viewing hourly water use, customers can customize their alerts and receive a text, voice message, or email for:

  1. High water use– Get notified when your daily use is more than double or triple your typical use.
  2. High bill – Get a heads up if you are on track to receive a high bill.
  3. Unplanned use notification – Get an alert if your property is using water during a specific time period.

Register today and see how WaterSmart can help you use water wisely by visiting