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Police Blotter: October 11-17, 2020

October 22, 2020


October 11 - 17, 2020






Weekly Arrests 
(Includes cite/released):
46 Homicide        0
Weekly Calls for Service: 2,199 Assault—Great Bodily Injury 0
Weekly Reports Taken:204 Burglary— Nonresidential  5
Weekly Complaints
(against HPD):
0 Burglary—Residential  3
Weekly Calls Received:5,719   Theft  19

This data is subject to change and based on crimes that were reported to have occurred during the time frame of this report. 

Some reports may yet to be initiated and/or reclassified during investigations.                                                                                                                      

                 Theft from Auto  12
Robbery  0
Vehicle Theft  36
Mental Health Calls  12
Reports of Gunfire  11

Significant Incidents

Shooting: On 10/11/2020, at 1:18 AM, a shooting occurred in the area of Patrick Ave. and Westwood St. There was no report of damage or injury.  (Report #2020-061676)

Burglary/Stolen Vehicle: On 10/14/2020, at 4:57 AM, a burglary occurred in the 21000 block of Gary Dr. The victim was awakened to the suspect inside the residence. When the victim screamed, the suspect was frightened, took personal items, and fled in the victim’s vehicle.  (Report #2020-062246)

Criminal Threats/Weapon: On 10/16/2020, at 1:49 PM, a suspect threatened to shoot the victim in the 21000 block of Mission Blvd. Officers responded and observed the suspect with a gun. The suspect was arrested and there were no injuries. (Report #2020-062824)

Weapon: On 10/16/2020, at 5:00 PM, officers made a car stop for a traffic violation in the area of Harder Rd./W. Harder Rd. A gun was seen in plain view and the driver was arrested.  (Report #2020-062867)

Burglary: On 10/17/2020, at 1:51 AM, an officer was patrolling the 1100 block of Tennyson Rd. when a person was seen inside a closed business. The officer also saw a broken window and was able to safely take the suspect into custody. (Report #2020-062962)

For additional information, visit: https://www.crimemapping.com/map/ca/hayward

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