Stormwater services

NOTICE OF PROPOSED TRASH ENFORCEMENT PROGRAM: On April 18, 2023 the Hayward City Council established a new trash enforcement program and adopted changes to the City’s stormwater ordinance to prevent trash from polluting local waterways in compliance with new San Francisco Regional Water Quality Board mandates. The new inspection and enforcement program will require all property owners to increase efforts to address trash on their properties starting in 2023. The proposed program, effective 30 days after Council approval, will include inspections of properties that have significant trash accumulation. If trash issues persist after the initial inspection, a property owner may receive further enforcement actions such as citations and may be required to install trash capture devices in the storm drain. Questions and comments may be directed to the Water Pollution Source Control Division at 510-881-7900 or The program and ordinance amendments are available here.

Anything other than rainwater is prohibited from entering the City’s storm drain system. Hayward's Stormwater Program prevents trash and pollutants from entering our waterways and our bay. 
Clean Water Program

Employees from the City's Clean Water Program routinely inspect businesses and industries in Hayward to correct improper practices that may pollute stormwater. Inspections include checking for containment of chemicals, proper storage of materials, proper cleaning of pavement, vehicles, and buildings, proper disposal of waste and trash, and correction of leaking machinery and pipes.

Green Infrastructure Plan

The Hayward City Council adopted a Green Infrastructure Plan on July 16, 2019. The Plan describes in detail the City’s commitment to install stormwater treatment areas within the City to improve water quality, protect the S.F. Bay from pollution and better the environment.

Green Infrastructure Plan

In addition, employees from the Maintenance Services Department sweep the streets to remove trash, clean Hayward's 3,000 storm drains, and maintain trash capture devises. Learn more about their efforts in this video:

If you see an illegal discharge to the City’s storm drain system, please report the incident through Access Hayward.

Access Hayward

If you have questions about the City’s stormwater services, please call 510.881.7900.