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Food Vendor Permit (FVP)

Updated: Dec. 5, 2022

A Food Vendor Permit is required for any mobile unit designed and used for the vending of food or food products from a fixed location. FVPs require Planning Director approval, compliance with all the regulations in HMC Section 10-1.2735 (m) and annual renewal. Food Vendor are only permitted in the General Industrial (IG), Industrial Park (IP), Light Industrial (IL), Mission Boulevard - Corridor Neighborhood (MB-CN), Mission Boulevard - Neighborhood Node (MB-NN) and Mission Boulevard - Corridor Center (MB-CC) zoning districts.

Submitting an Application:

  1. Contact a City of Hayward Planner: Contact a planner by emailing or calling (510) 583-4216 to determine if the location allows Food Vendors and application submittal materials. Please include the project address and a detailed description of your project. 
  2. Register for an e-Permit Portal account: You must be a registered user of the Hayward e-Permit Portal before you can submit your application. Learn more about how to register on our e-Permit Portal help page.
  3. Apply for your Plan Type: Using the e-Permit Portal, apply for your Plan by completing the online application and attaching the required submittal materials. Learn more about how to apply for a Plan on our e-Permit Portal help page.

Required Submittal Materials:

The submittal items below are required for this project type. Please note additional submittal items may be required depending on the project scope. 

  • Business and Operation Plan: A written description and explanation of the business and operations of the proposed use. It should include hours of operation, number of employees, processes to occur within facility, etc.
  • Food Truck or Equipment Detail: A scaled drawing or manufacturer sheet specifying the dimensions of the food truck and/or vending equipment. 
  • Site Plan: A site plan showing the location of the mobile unit, location for the vendor's personal vehicle, customer parking spaces, and location for overnight storage of the mobile unit, including distances to landscaping, parking stalls, buildings, driveways, fences, utility poles, hydrants, within 50 feet of the proposed mobile unit.
  • Owner Authorization Form: Only required if the applicant is not the property owner. (See Owner Authorization Form in Handouts)

Project Review:

Applicants will be notified by email or can login to the e-Permit Portal for updates on their application. FVPs typically take one to two months to process. Estimated processing times do not include the time needed by the applicant to revise and resubmit their application.

Paying Fees:

After submitting your application through the e-Permits Portal, the applicant will be promoted to pay the associated fees. The initial application fee for a FVP is $700 and the cost to renew is $350. 

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