Connecting to City water and sewer systems

The City must approve all new connections to the City’s water and sewer systems to make sure that the connections are safe and up to code. See the specifications below for constructions of water mains, fire hydrants, sewer mains, and appurtenances.

Please note that new water meters need to be installed before water service can be activated. To ensure that this work does not delay your project, you are encouraged to contact the City about connection to the water system early in the development process.

To apply for a water connection:

  • Make an appointment with the Development Review Specialist to review the application requirements by emailing, or calling (510) 583-4722.
  • The Development Review Specialist will prepare a Water and Sewer Service Application for the new connection. Payment must be made prior to the start of work. See current connection and installation fees: Utility Services Charges.
  • Fees cover all materials and labor to connect from the water main up to and including the water meter and meter box set on the sidewalk. Once the water service connection is approved by the City and paid for by the applicant, water crews are notified to perform the work.
  • Connecting water service from the meter to the building is the applicant’s responsibility and is to be done by a licensed plumber. A plumbing permit from the Building Inspection division is required.

Sewer Connections

  • Before connecting to the City’s sewer system, applicants must obtain an encroachment permit and pay appropriate sewer connection fees at the City’s Permit Center.
  • Once the permit has been obtained and the fees have been paid, it is the applicant’s responsibility to perform the work. For more information, please contact the Development Review Specialist by email at or by phone at 510.583.4722.

Standard Details and Specifications

Please visit the Engineering Division's webpage for the City's Standard Details and specifications for water mains, fire hydrants, sewer mains, and appurtenances.