Volunteers sought for Point in Time Count of homelessness in Hayward

December 11, 2018

The City of Hayward Community Services Division is seeking volunteers to participate in the upcoming biennial Point-in-Time Count of people living without homes in Hayward and across Alameda County.

The Point-in-Time Count, scheduled to take place Jan. 30, 2019, records the number of people staying in shelters and transitional housing, and estimates the number of people who are unsheltered living outdoors on a single night every other year.

The count is a requirement for continued receipt of federal funding of services to end homelessness and gives local communities useful and critical data strategic, program and policy planning and decision-making.

The recruitment and training of volunteers for the Point-in-Time Count—known locally as EveryOne Counts!—is being led and managed on behalf of the County of Alameda by the nonprofit organization EveryOne Home.

Volunteers need to be at least age 18, commit to five to six volunteer hours, including one hour of online training prior to the day of the count and four to five hours in person on count day, plus be able to collaborate with one to two other volunteers and one guide, and walk as needed in assigned census tracts.  To learn more and get involved, visit the EveryOne Counts! website.