Cut your commute’s carbon footprint with Hayward’s public transit options

January 24, 2023

Transportation is the biggest source of pollution in California, accounting for more than 60 percent of greenhouse gas emissions in Hayward, alone. Fortunately, Hayward has a robust public transit system—enabling you to travel throughout the Bay Area while avoiding traffic, saving commute time, and reducing the number of vehicles on the road.

BART serves the Downtown Hayward Station and the South Hayward Station, and can take you almost anywhere in the Bay Area including Berryessa/North San Jose, Antioch, Dublin, and San Francisco.

Hayward’s Greyhound Express Bus and Amtrak stations offer a quick commute directly to San Jose or Oakland, and can connect you to other public transit stations like San Jose’s Caltrain, which heads to Silicon Valley and other areas along the Peninsula.

For those who work locally, Hayward has 11 bus lines to help you get around town through the AC Transit system.  

Opting for public transportation even one to two times per week can significantly cut your commute’s carbon footprint and help Hayward reach its emission reduction goals. For more information about public transit in Hayward, click here.