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Hayward Council approves 2021 pavement improvement plan for City streets

June 8, 2021

The Hayward City Council gave final approval on June 1 for $10.5 million in pavement improvement work for 2021 covering 90 street sections and targeting roadway determined to be in the greatest need of repair.

The Fiscal Year 2021 Pavement Improvement Project contractor, Teichert Construction, is scheduled to begin work in July and complete the entire project over a four-month period—with work on individual street sections taking no more than two to three weeks.

Under the project, streets receive one of four types of treatment:

  • Varying combinations of crack sealing, six-inch spot repair and micro-surfacing;
  • Standard overlay of existing street pavement with new hot-mix asphalt treatments;
  • Cold-in-place recycling, which entails removing a top layer of asphalt, mixing it with a recycling agent and other additives on-site, and replacing this pavement material on the same roadway followed by a hot-mix asphalt overlay; and
  • Full-depth reclamation, which involves pulverizing and mixing distressed asphalt and underlying pavement materials with or without the addition of stabilizing agents, and using the resulting material as a base for a renewed pavement structure to be finished with a hot-mix asphalt cap.

The annual Pavement Improvement Project is funded through a combination of revenue from the gas tax, state vehicle registration fees, other state sources through the California Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017 (also known as Senate Bill 1), and Alameda County transportation sales tax measures B and BB.

For more information on how street sections are chosen for the City’s annual Pavement Improvement Project, street sections selected for the Fiscal Year 2021 program and how the project is funded, go online here to the City of Hayward’s website.