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Hayward introduces new participatory budgeting initiative called the People’s Budget

October 12, 2021

A map of the City of Hayward with drawings of people doing activities in the community

The City of Hayward is introducing a new participatory budgeting process through which residents will be able to submit and vote on proposals to increase community connections in their neighborhoods.

Through the new People’s Budget pilot project to run from Sept. 2021 through December 2022, the City will be divided up into six sectors and each sector will be allocated between $50,000 to $70,000 depending on population size and income level.

There are no restrictions on the types of proposals to be considered by residents for funding—provided they connect neighbors and build community.  The proposals receiving the highest number of resident votes will be funded.

To begin, residents are invited to sign-up during the month of October to serve as volunteer delegates.  Delegates will receive orientation and training from City staff on how to involve neighbors, organize community meetings and draft resident proposals for potential funding.

The deadline to sign-up to become a People’s Budget sector delegate is Oct. 31.  To learn more, to see the People’s Budget sectors map, or to use a special interactive map to suggest or like a proposal—go to the participatory budgeting project page here on the City of Hayward website.