Report an abandoned/inoperable vehicles on a public street

Police personnel will assess vehicles reported as being possibly abandoned and take appropriate action to resolve the complaint. A vehicle (auto, boat, camper, mobile home, RV, truck, etc.) can be reported if any of the following conditions apply:

  • The vehicle is on public property and appears to have not moved in excess of 72 hours
  • The vehicle is on public property and is clearly missing parts necessary for safe operation (as determined by Police Personnel)
  • The vehicle is on private property and is wrecked, burned, dismantled or missing parts necessary for operation.

Certain vehicles may not be appropriate to submit as abandoned. Examples of vehicles that should not be submitted as abandoned are:

  • Vehicles with expired registration tabs
  • Vehicles that are driven but are frequently parked in the same spot
  • Vehicles that have aesthetic problems only.
  • Vehicles that you believe may be stolen. Possibly stolen vehicles can be called in to the Police Department at: (510) 293-7000

When reporting an abandoned vehicle, please include the following:

  • exact address (required for vehicles on private property) or street and cross-street where vehicle is parked.
  • vehicle color, make and model.
  • vehicle license plate number and State where issued.
  • optional: your name and phone # in case more information is needed.

Vehicles can be submitted:

  • Through Access Hayward. Click the “Make a Request Below”  below and enter the requested information. Please note that these requests may take up to 21 days to be completed.
  • By phone to the Abandoned Vehicle Hotline at (510) 293-5140. Please leave a voice message with the above requested information. Voice messages are checked daily.

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