South Hayward BART Station Access Authority

The South Hayward BART Station Access Authority manages and administers parking and access within the boundaries of the Authority in order to help promote transit-oriented development, support access to the Station, maximize BART ridership, and protect the neighborhoods surrounding the station.


The Authority is governed by a 4 member board consisting of two BART Directors and two Hayward City Councilmembers.The Board of Directors meet at least twice during the year. The current membership of the Board of Directors includes:

City of Hayward
Bay Area Rapid Transit
  • Director Thomas Blalock
  • Director John McPartland
  • Director Rebecca Saltzman, Alternate

Daily operations of the Authority are managed by the Board's two Co-Executive Directors:

  • Kelly McAdoo, City Manager, City of Hayward
  • Sean Brooks, Real Estate and Property Development Manager, BART

Board Meeting Materials


The boundaries of the Authority can be found here

Each year the Authority Board of Directors approves an operating budget that includes access improvement projects within the boundaries of the Authority. The Authority is funded entirely by station parking revenue (including citations), meaning that what you pay for parking is then directly reinvested in that station and surrounding area. 

Current Projects for Fiscal Year 2017 include:

  • Station Surface Parking Lot LED Lighting Retrofit Project
  • Tennyson Soundwall/Utility Box Mural Art Projects