City Manager's Office

The City Manager serves as the City's Chief Executive Officer, responsible for the day-to-day operation of the City organization and its 800+ employees. The City Manager's Office also oversees a variety of interdisciplinary programs and initiatives while communicating the City Council's vision and values throughout the community and beyond.

The City Manager’s Office is responsible for many of the City's centralized functions. The office works to make Hayward one of the Bay Area’s most attractive cities in which to live, work and do business by:

  • Influencing state and federal policies that impact Hayward’s ability to thrive.
  • Actively managing the municipal organization to ensure efficient, cost-effective service delivery
  • Supporting city departments and divisions in efforts to innovate and improve customer experience
  • Providing public information through a wide range of media channels
  • Working to improve our local economy through targeted business attraction and retention
  • Developing and recommending policies that protect the city's fiscal foundation; and
  • Implementing public policies adopted by the City Council

City Manager Open Office Hours: 

Hayward City Manager, Kelly McAdoo, wants to hear from you! Each month, she will have several timeslots for you to discuss anything about the City.

Please take a moment to share a little bit about yourself or organization in the form below to register your interest in meeting with the City Manager.

Due to the great number of topics to cover and the high level of interest in meeting with the City Manager, each meeting will be a maximum of 10 minutes long. Meetings will be selected through a lottery process and will be scheduled based on constituent time preferences. If you have been selected through the lottery, you will be notified at least 48 hours in advance of your meeting time. 

*These meetings are for constituent related issues and are not media opportunities. Filming or audio recording of these meetings is not permitted.

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