Fire Department, News Release

Hayward Fire Department kicks off “know your zone” emergency preparation drive

August 24, 2021

HAYWARD, Calif., Aug. 25, 2021—The Hayward Fire Department today called on all Hayward residents to take two important emergency preparation steps by going online to a new fire service-supported website called Zonehaven AWARE to familiarize themselves with new evacuation zones and signup to receive AC Alert emergency notifications.

The Zonehaven Aware website at is being built out across the Bay Area and State of California to establish a shared map with integrated databases that can be relied upon by residents and first responders for communicating and learning about approaching fire and other emergency conditions, and managing evacuations and safe post-disaster return to residences.

“By taking these simple steps of visiting Zonehaven AWARE, typing in your residence to learn your zone and then clicking on the AC Alert button to sign up for emergency text and email notifications, every Hayward resident can make an important contribution to making themselves, their loved ones, and their neighborhoods safer,” said Hayward Fire Chief Garrett Contreras.

Through the combined Zonehaven and AC Alert technology—and public participation—the Hayward Fire Department and other Alameda County fire service and first-responder agencies envision being able to target emergency communication and the movement of people more effectively and efficiently during wildfires, earthquakes and other types of natural and human-caused emergencies and disasters.

“The first step, however, is for everyone to take responsibility to “know your zone and to let us know how to reach you,” Hayward Fire Chief Contreras said.

In Hayward and the Fairview Fire Protection District, residents without online internet access to the Zonehaven AWARE and AC Alert websites, with questions or otherwise in need of assistance, can call Hayward Fire Department administration at (510) 583-4930 or email

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