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Homelessness, housing costs and traffic congestion are top local concerns of Hayward residents, survey finds

December 14, 2021

Photo of a busy intersection in Downtown Hayward in the evening with streaks of light.

More than two-thirds of residents say they are satisfied or very satisfied with the quality of life in Hayward with substantial majorities identifying homelessness, housing costs and traffic congestion as top issues of local concern.

The findings are some of the results of the 2021 Hayward Resident Satisfaction Survey—a public opinion poll conducted every two years that explores opinion on quality of life, City services and responsiveness, and resident concerns and priorities for greater City attention.

When asked to say in their own words what is the most important thing the City can do to improve City services, residents most often mentioned addressing homelessness and poverty; improving road conditions and traffic congestion; enhancing public safety and reducing crime.

The survey was conducted between Oct. 5-17, 2021—with responses coming from a demographically and geographically representative sample of 914 adult Hayward residents.  Residents were contacted by telephone and email in English and Spanish and were invited to complete the survey online or through telephone interviews.

To see the survey results as well as a Dec. 7 presentation on the survey findings to the Hayward City Council, go online here to the City Manager's Office page on the City of Hayward website and click on the links in the Key Resources section