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Year in Review: Toney Chaplin sworn in as 15th Chief of Police

January 14, 2020

After a month on the job, Toney Chaplin formally accepted command of the Hayward Police Department, calling on officers to honor and respect the City’s diversity, and follow an ethic of customer service.

“Hayward is a beautiful and diverse city that welcomes all, and you deserve a police department that honors, respects and will adhere to those same values,” Chaplin said in remarks delivered during a public swearing-in ceremony Oct. 3 at City Hall.

A veteran San Francisco cop and Hayward resident, Chaplin held every rank at the San Francisco Police Department before being chosen by City Manager Kelly McAdoo to become Hayward’s 15th Chief of Police.

Addressing Hayward officers, Chaplin said he will insist “we deliver the best customer service” to residents.  He also praised HPD for embracing a new era of law enforcement—one that comes with increased public scrutiny and far greater demands on officers.

“We ask more of our officers working the streets today than any time in history,” he said.  “We expect you to be law enforcement experts—and possess the skills of a trained attorney, a psychologist, and a community organizer.  From what I have seen, HPD, you are definitely up to the task.”