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Beautify Hayward and build community through Adopt-a-Block

The Stack Extra

January 24, 2024

The Keep Hayward Clean & Green Task Force and City of Hayward are inviting community members to join and help spread the reach of the City’s Adopt-a-Block program. 

Adopt-a-Block, which got up in running in 2015, is an initiative through which community members, families and other groups and organizations commit to partnering with the Keep Hayward Clean & Green Task Force and the City’s Maintenance Services Department to keep tidy public areas of certain stretches of streets and sidewalks. 

Adopt-a-Block volunteers and volunteer groups routinely tend to their blocks, schedule periodic volunteer cleanups, and stay in touch with the Task Force and Maintenance Services to obtain supplies and materials—and provide the City notice if additional attention and resources are required. 

Today, Adopt-a-Block, which is the subject of this new introductory video, has 187 registered community members, groups and organizations throughout Hayward. Volunteers remove 400 to 600 cubic yards of trash and refuse annually, keep storm drains clear to prevent flood and limit what makes it into our storm water system and ultimately into San Francisco Bay. 

Along the way, participants get to know their neighbors, build community and make lasting relationships. 

To join or get more information, start by going online to the Keep Hayward Clean & Green page on the City of Hayward website at: Or call the City Maintenance Services Department at (510) 881-7745.