City Government

Hayward City Council to hold special meeting in response to cybersecurity incident

July 12, 2023

City of Hayward Council Chambers

The Hayward City Council will hold a special meeting Thursday night to ratify a proclamation of local emergency in response to an ongoing cybersecurity incident in which intruders are attempting to disrupt and hold hostage City computer systems and networks.

A declaration of emergency allows for greater flexibility in executive decision-making, deployment of City employees, and acquisition of needed equipment, supplies and other resources.  It also can be a prerequisite to and streamline reimbursement of certain costs associated with responding to the incident.

Since discovery of the cyber intrusion early Sunday morning, the City has maintained essential services, including 9-1-1 emergency dispatch, police, firefighter and emergency-medical response, water and sewer operations, and maintenance services.

Access to the City website and email traffic into City offices have been restored after being turned off as precautionary measures.

Thus far, no evidence has been found of a breach or theft of private personal or confidential information of any current or former City employee, community member or other member of the public.  If that were to change, the City would contact the affected individual or individuals directly.

For a copy of the agenda and related documents for the special, in-person only meeting of the City Council to be held at 7 p.m. Thursday, July 13, at Hayward City Hall, go online here to the City of Hayward’s legislative website.