Police Department

Man arrested for elder abuse and hate crime after assaulting elderly woman outside grocery store

July 27, 2023

A man was arrested for elder abuse and a hate crime after he struck an elderly woman outside a grocery store in Hayward. 

During the late morning hours on July 21st, the woman walked toward the entrance of the store when she was approached by a man who slapped her across the face without warning or provocation. The woman, caught by surprise and the forceful strike, fell to the ground, hitting her back on the concrete curb of the parking lot. 

The man fled the area, but luckily surveillance cameras captured the incident. Officers reviewed the footage and recognized the man from prior calls for service. 

Investigative steps were taken, and the victim positively identified the man who assaulted her. 

As the day went on, officers looked for the man and eventually found him in the area where the assault took place. 

There is no tolerance for hate or violence like this in the City of Hayward. We are committed to investigating, identifying, and arresting those responsible so that justice can be served.