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BART Closure Effecting Hayward Service

Brianne Elizarrey | June 24, 2016

BART will be closing the tracks between the South Hayward BART and the Union City/Fremont Stations beginning Friday July 1 and ending Tuesday morning July 5, and again on Friday July 15 opening for service on Monday July 18. BART, in conjunction with AC Transit,  will provide bus bridges to carry passengers between South Hayward BART and Union City (operating on 20 minute headways) and South Hayward BART and Fremont (operating on 15 minute headways.) Riders will experience some minor delays due to the utilization of buses versus BART trains between the stations. The track work will be on-going during the closure, (24/7) but noise should be minimal as it involves only the laying of new cable between each station.
Learn more about the BART project below:

During the same dates and times mentioned above, BART will be installing new track adjacent to the BART Hayward Maintenance Complex approxi-mately ¼ mile south of Whipple Road. The project which proposes to construct new crossover track, turn-outs and switches will take place adjacent to the existing BART line. The project is necessitated by the need to accommo-date/store and test a new fleet of BART cars pro-posed. Although the project site is within the Union City border there is a chance, although small, that noise, dust and light during track construction may impact Hayward residents.


BART is constructing this project under conditions approved in the project’s 2011 Initial Study. In that document it lists numerous noise mitigation measures that BART must adhere to during construction, including the building of sound walls that are currently in place. Note that this project also operates on a 24/7 basis and the project’s schedule calls for heavy construction activity to occur during the late evening/early morning periods. BART has mailed residents within a 0.5 mile radius an informational flyer and contact information, should residents need to contact BART with complaints (link to mailer below). In addition, City staff will contact Hayward residents adja-cent to the project site to inform them of the upcoming work and provide a BART point of contact. This effort will be done via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter and Next Door social media applications.

BART staff has promised total cooperation during the entire duration of the project.