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Alameda County sheriff rescinds county-wide curfew effective immediately

June 4, 2020

HAYWARD, Calif., June 4, 2020—Alameda County announced today that Sheriff Gregory Ahern has rescinded effectively immediately the county-wide curfew requiring people to remain indoors between 8 p.m. and 5 a.m.

The county-wide emergency curfew order and a similarly worded City of Hayward measure that was rescinded yesterday were both enacted on Monday in response to vandalism, looting and violence that followed peaceful protests over the killing of George Floyd in police custody in Minneapolis, Minn.

In rescinding the City’s curfew, City Manager Kelly McAdoo and Hayward Police Chief Toney Chaplin reiterated that the purpose of the measure was to provide relief to law enforcement stretched thin by groups of individuals who came to Hayward to break into businesses, steal, cause damage, and threaten residents after dark Sunday night and continuing Monday night.

While peaceful protests have continued, none of the unlawful conduct that led to the curfews has taken place in Hayward since, Chief Chaplin said.

“I appreciate the local Hayward protestors who have remained peaceful, and the organizers of a demonstration I attended on Wednesday who reiterated that they do not condone looting, vandalism and violence.”

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