News Release

Hayward announces new Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program

February 13, 2019

HAYWARD, Calif., Feb. 13, 2019—Residents contending with speeding motorists and other concerning traffic conditions can organize their neighbors to apply to have City engineers design and eventually implement traffic “calming” solutions on qualifying streets.

The new Hayward Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program announced today is intended prioritize available funding for projects with strong neighborhood support—and most deserving based on measured traffic conditions and historical collision data.

Under the program, residents can follow a step-by-step process—in consultation with City traffic engineers—that starts with determining whether the road in question is a qualifying “residential” or “collector” street under the City General Plan.

Traffic-calming measures that could be deployed range from new signage and striping, to introduction of new signals, crosswalks and features such as raised dots that provide tactical feedback to drivers, to reengineered intersections, as well as targeted traffic enforcement.

Approved projects for which funding is not immediately available will be placed on a priority list for future budgetary cycles.

Applications are available online at, in person at the Traffic Division of the Department of Public Works at City Hall, 777 B Street, or by request by calling the Traffic Division at (510) 583-4735.

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