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Multiagency enforcement operation focuses on sideshows and street racing

July 19, 2023



Multiagency enforcement operation focuses on sideshows and street racing 


HAYWARD, Calif., On Saturday, Jul. 8, 2023, the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office, Hayward Police Department, San Leandro Police Department, and California Highway Patrol – Hayward Area Office, conducted directed sideshow and street racing enforcement in Hayward. 


This enforcement team, known as the Regional Side Show Enforcement Team (RESET), consists of multiple agencies that target enforcement in different geographical areas on a monthly basis. The location of each operation is determined based on intelligence about pre-planned sideshow and racing events, or specific needs in that jurisdiction.  


During an operation, the RESET team saturates specified areas and focuses on the following: 


-Prevent street races or sideshow events from being established 

-Provide safer roads for those traveling through an area saturated with street racing or sideshow activity 

-Conduct traffic enforcement, citing drivers and towing vehicles when appropriate 

-Make arrests when applicable for violations such as firearms possession, outstanding warrants, illegal drug possession, etc. 


In light of the critical incidents in Hayward during the Fourth of July holiday, including two separate shootings during sideshow events, one of which resulted in a fatality, it was decided last weekend’s RESET operation would take place in Hayward.  


Listed below are some of the results from the night, along with photographs from two traffic stops that resulted in arrests for weapons violations: 


-82 traffic stops 

-35 citations  

-12 vehicles towed 

-One recovered stolen vehicle 

-14 total arrests (three felonies, 11 misdemeanors, including two sideshow arrests and seven DUI arrests) 

-Two firearm recoveries 



Vehicle previously involved in sideshow activity, pulled over for impound warrant and subsequently towed. Firearm recovered from vehicle during inventory prior to being towed. 

Vehicle pulled over for traffic violations. Handgun with extended magazine located inside the vehicle. Suspected narcotics also located inside the vehicle.   

We would like to thank the community for their ongoing support as we work to build a stronger and safer Bay Area.  


Hayward PD Media Contact:

Officer Cassondra Fovel

(510) 293-7064


ACSO Media Contact: 

Lieutenant Tya Modeste 

(510) 225-5872 


San Leandro PD Media Contact:

Lieutenant Abe Teng

(510) 577-0655


CHP Hayward Media Contact: 

Officer Kylie Musselman 

(510) 489-1500 



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