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New ID on the way for public WiFi network: Hayward_WiFi

November 13, 2018

To streamline the process of accessing free public WiFi in Hayward, the City network is getting a new identity:  Hayward_WiFi

Starting on Dec. 3, Hayward_WiFi will replace the hodge-podge of names the public WiFi network has operated under at different locations around the city since 2008.  This easily recognizable network name gives you a more consistent experience across the City, no more guessing, is it HPD-Guest, Weekes_WiFi, etc.?

In addition to the new name and to align with security industry standards, starting Dec. 3, when you connect to public WiFi (Hayward_WiFi), you will have to accept a terms-of-conditions page once each day to gain access.  The popup will be like what you see at Nordstroms or Starbucks, except we promise not to track your shopping and Internet-use habits.

It doesn’t stop there.  We also are expanding the reach of our public WiFi.

Currently, public WiFi is along downtown B Street, at City Hall, the Main and Weekes branches of the Hayward public library, the Hayward Police Department, the Corp Yard and the Hayward Executive Airport.  Starting in 2019 or sooner, you will see expanded coverage in the Heritage Plaza and the Water Pollution Control Facility on Enterprise Ave.