Apply for a variance

A variance is an administrative exception to land use regulations. Your application will be reviewed by a Planner and any other departments or agencies as needed. If it is decided that a variance is warranted and the variance request is minor in nature, it will be referred to the Planning Director for an administrative decision. Administrative action by the Planning Director takes two to four weeks after the application is complete. More time is required if Planning Commission review is necessary.

To apply:

  1. Speak with a Planner at the Permit Center to determine where the project varies from regulations. Identify how your project could be designed to comply or identify special circumstances that might apply to the property.
  2. Submit a completed application, fee and related materials to Planning.

Action by the Planning Director may be appealed within 15 days of the decision to the Planning Commission.

Planning Commission action may be appealed within 10 days of the decision to the City Council.

For more information, please call Planning at 510.583.4200.